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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Enjoying the Visit (Tuesday)

Enjoying the girls right now, trying to spoil the ladies as much as possible. Took a nice trip up to San Fran on yesterday had a blast down at the Piers and stopped for lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe (yes Raegan is still afraid of most of the animals she has conquered her fear of the butterflies and birds since there animation is not as dramatic when compared to the others.) Unfortunately we cut the San Fran trip short due to rain so hopefully on the next trip we will do more around San Fran.

My health held up for the most part, however I do seem to get winded more easily and more frequently. I tend to tire out when I carry one or both of the girls around this never really hampered me down before as it does now.

Excited about my mom coming in on tomorrow to spend time with the my ladies and me. Her trip is blessing being provided by the Lemon Aide foundation at Stanford Universities Cancer Center.

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