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Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm an Actor now y'all

Yesterday I marked my debut into the craft that calls many to California. I am an actor and, I might add a darn good one too (actually I am clueless). I have been involved with shooting a video yesterday and today for the National Lung Cancer Partnership. This video will be distributed to patients with lung cancer, and oncologist to give them a human perspective of what it is like to go through a clinical trial. My hope is that through telling my story and providing information about my clinical trial(s) I can help someone else that might be trying to stay afloat in the dark waters of cancer.

On a brighter note I won a bench press contest today. Check that I think I won; check that I hope I won. They (gym folks) tell me that just by competing I won, which may be true but that is not good enough. A moral victory doesn't come with a trophy, bragging rights, or sand to kick in the losers face. I want to win. The contest was for my home YMCA in Fort Worth, TX and you had to lift 80% of your body weight as many times as possible. I weighed in at 237.25 lbs so 80% of that is 189.792 so rounding up that means I needed to lift 190 lbs. My goal was to get between 15 - 20 reps and I would be happy since I am not my old self I got 15 (actually 15/16 I just couldn't lockout my right arm on the last rep). I was ok with 15 reps but I wish I could have done more. The contest or lifting wasn't bad though I thought I would be in bad shape afterwards (coughing alot fighting for air) but I was okay and after a minute I was ready to do more. The official contest isn't until February 15 so I might sneak back in and do the contest over again, Refuse to lose.

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