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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Additional Time line information

Some additional time line information that I was too drugged up to remember.

  • March 5, 2007 Received Call (PM)
  • March 6 Transplanted with 2 lungs (1:30 A – 8:30 A)
  • march 7 moved to intermediate ICU, rm 341D
  • march 8 sit up to eat (PM)
  • march 9 walked around nurses’ station
  • march 10 mother and godmother went back home
  • march 11 atrial defibrillation attack (increased heart rate associated with transplant)
  • march 12 blood sample, sputum sample, & urine sample to
    identify why 102.4 F. fever
    received medication list for self medication
    Received Plant #2 from Lockheed’s Executives
  • March 13 received keys to h.o.m.e apts near Standford hospital another atrial defibrillation attack
  • march 15 took 1st shower since transplant discharged from hospital to apts (pm)

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