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Friday, March 23, 2007

I got flowers and cards ......

Using my artistic license I have put together a collage (MASTERPIECE) of some of the many flowers, and cards I received.

Thanks to everyone for all the calls, e-mail messages, cards, flowers/plants, and monetary offers. You all are a blessing to me keep the prayers coming.


  1. Hi Jerrold, This is your fellow Texan waiting out here at Stanford for my daughter's tranplant. How wonderful to hear that you got your new lungs. Anna and I think about you often, wondering how our fellow Texan had been doing. How funny that we are here at the same place and I just heard from my husband back home that he had read about you receivieng your transplant. I had to log on to the Star Telegram to read for myself. The article is posted today. I am pleased to read what wonderful progress you are making. Keep up the excellent work. I see home on the horizon for you and some good Texas BBQ!

  2. Jerrold,

    I'm a LM Aero systems engineer staff in Marietta, and I just read your story on Insite. I saw the picture of you and your beautiful family, and my heart melted. Thank you for your story, it is such an inspiration, and a true testiment of how God still works miracles for His children. I will continue to stay connected to you through your website. As a wife and new mother of a baby girl, I can only imagine what Rhonda has been going through. I pray for her strength and power as well. She is a mighty woman of God. May God continue to smile on you. Your life is full purpose and your story will continue to inspire and instill faith and hope in the lives of millions. Thank you for sharing your story with us.


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