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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lung Transplant update

Hi there- This is not Jerrold typing, but someone who promised to update the blog on his behalf. After his bilateral lung transplant, Jerrold is doing great! His road to recovery has begun-- this morning's chores consist of sitting up in a chair, and working on frequent lung exercises. He's extubated (off the ventilator) and obeying all orders, with no complaints! He'll be back online as soon as he can bribe a nurse or two to let him at the computer! In the meantime, comments can likely be printed out and brought to him for his review...

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  1. This is truly wonderful news! Please tell Jerrold that Josh (stuarts cousin he met the other night) says hello and that my family is praying for him and his family. I knew when I met Jerrold the other night that he was a class act and god was looking over him. I cant begin to tell you how highly Stuart and the entire Jakabcin family thinks of him.

    When we heard the news that he "got the call", we knew he was going to be ok. Word passed fast through our family and we are really happy Jarrold is on the road to recovery. Jarrold, you were right when you told me that you needed to keep possitive... it has clearly paid off. Get healthy man and enjoy those new lungs!

    God Bless,
    Josh and Marilyn (Stu and Lisa's cousins)


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