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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Broke a little sweat on yesterday

Broke a sweat at PT (physical therapy) on Tuesday but not much, the stationary bike made me drip a little (heavy stress on very little). The whole PT process was alot easier than I expected, I have been through worse PT when I was playing competitive sports. More PT today so maybe they will challenge me today :-) or I can just make up my own workout.

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  1. Hi! Was diagnosed with BAC 2009. They say it has been there since 2006/2007. After careful consideration I have turned down the AMA's treatments. They don't know enough about this cancer. Now I find that BAC is being reclassified as a "pre-cancerous condition". All the AMA wanted to do is cut out my lungs and shoot me up with their poison. Their poison kills everything, good and bad alike! And it kills your immune system. Sorry, but I need my immune system right now. I'm going the natural therapy route. Also, PubMed [and you have to dig for this info] links this with a Sheep Lung Cancer [The Jaagsiekte Sheep Retrovirus] - and they call it viral! Who is to say all cancer isn't viral? Hope you will be OK.


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