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Monday, April 16, 2007

So hard to say goodbye (NOT!!!!)

Saw the old lungs today and it was an unemotional event of my behalf. I saw how bad the old lungs were and am even more grateful for the gift, the second chance I have.

Some pictures of the old lungs are below keep in mind they are already segmented and research has begun on them. The lungs were undersized and honestly speaking with the doctors they don't see how I could even breath. The holes or nodules you see in the pictures are the cancer nodules for the BAC.

Someone please fix my hat my hands are compromised I am a doctor now; or at least for the moment I am :-)

Bad lung segment, notice the cancer nodules that starved me for oxygen I was slowly and daily suffocating, which would have been a painful death (mentally and physically)

The whole lung set-up (and yes it is segmented and cross-cut already) the right lung is on the left side and the left lung is on the right side. The lungs were small for my body, blame it on the sickness.

My wife and I will stop in and visit Ralph right lung and Larry left lung one more time before the research gods have their way totally with them.

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