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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting my teeth fixed

I am going to get the rough crown smoothed out (molar #19) on Thursday so that my poor tongue won't take so much abuse, I hope I remember to take my 4 antibiotics 1 hour before my visit. (cancer / transplant patients and heart patients must take antibiotics at least an hour before any type of dental visit to help ward off any type of infection we may get due to cutting our mouth during any sort of procedure).

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  1. That should be wise, yep. By the way, how was it ? Have you gone back to it, and procured added dental treatment? There's a bunch of clinics that provide that, and then even go the extra mile and really improve and work upon teeth. Just to really cover all the bases. In any case, hope it turned out fine.

    Lon @ Your Celebrity Smile


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