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Friday, May 09, 2008


Saw the pulmonary specialist in Fort Worth today, it was really great to seem him and find out how he was doing, I am glad I didn't have to do a six minute walk with/for them the last one I did for his office was pretty painful and broke me (last summer at the height of my battle with CMV, and the staph infection).

I have not given much thought to what my pre game meal will be as I prepair for the 14th annual South West Transplant Alliance Softball Game. I am worried I am not pumping enough fluids into my body I don't want to dehydrate out there on the field of dreams; on the other hand I don't want to have to much on my stomach and be known/remembered as the only guy in the history of this CHARITY softball game to through-up while in the batters box. I will keep you posted.

Work is picking up and I am really happy with that I am expecting to be officially labeled as a full-time employee again any day now. I am working with another group now too on new project(s) so that is always good too as new task keep the technical juices flowing.

I was laughing with one of my classmates from SMU at work today, as we were joking about how me being an ex-athlete (side note I am still an athlete I can work a TV remote and scroll through the stations at World Class speed) I have doctors notes that excuse me from most physically demanding things, (i.e. cutting the grass). We were talking about our yards and how I can't / have been STRONGLY advised against any and all yard work due to the pollen, bacteria, and fungi in the grass and soil (they aren't good for heart or lung patients). Basically he was asking for help on his yard my response was NO my doctor(s) say NO.......
got doctors notes like a fat kid in gym class
like a fat kid getting out of gym class

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