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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pictures (Feb, March, April 2008)

The TCU women's Bball game (TCU -vs- Air Force) Senior Night
Rolling Carnival at one of the local malls; Raegan and Daddy date (note if you are over 220 don't go on this type of slide with a burlap sac b/c you will wind up on the concrete sliding on your rear.

Another picture from the carnival as we are on the haunted house ride.

Raegan and Ravyn Easter 2008
Raegan and Ravyn Easter Baskets
James hanging out at the Spa (UT SouthWestern Hospital) during my annual evaluation, my bronch and before the fevers 4/10/08
Post bronch the fever is brewing, and I am on the happy medicine (I can not be held accountable for anything I said.

Raegan, Ravyn, and cousin TeTe at the zoo by the elephant exhibit. I was able to walk the whole zoo.

Another zoo shoot, outside the horse / Long Horn pin, I walked the whole zoo but at this point everybody was hot hot hot and bothered.

Another zoo shoot can you guess what exhibit we are near????


  1. Need some more updates on you!


  2. we need more updates...


  3. Hi! I'm a friend of Bo's and I thought you'd like to know that he is in surgery right now for the transplant. Send happy thoughts and prayers his way! Someone will update his blog when we know something.


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