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Friday, May 30, 2008

My father passed today

The day began with much promise I would finish seminars, and the National Lung Cancer Partnership and be with my family tonight celebrating my daughters birthday. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry; such is true for lung cancer patients too. My day to a dramatic turn from a simple short phone call I received from my mother at 1058 CST. The main message conveyed during the conversation was "your father has passed, he went into cardiac arrest.".... I had no response I said "I will be in Durham in a little bit, I am in Chicago, let me catch a plane to Durham" I got to Durham and the message from the conversation still was not true until I saw the Funeral Parlor van in my parents driveway, and many family members around the house. My father is gone, even though I am a grown man, I have traveled the world, and have a family of my own; your father for men serves as a security blanket and now I have lost my blanket. Over the next couple of days I will have to come to grips with the fact that my father does not have to suffer anymore, he does not have to hurt anymore, he can finally get that rest he so richly deserves. My father has worked hard on the bottom floor he has a solid foundation in those that survive him, his soul and spirit shall live on. It is hard to say goodbye, even as you have tried to prepare for this event for months, years now, you can never truly prepare for this, it is a flood gate of emotions.


  1. Jerrold, I'm so sorry to hear about you Father's passing. Your fight against lung cancer has been an inspiration to so many, and there are many people out there thinking of you today. God Bless. Sara Conley

  2. Jerrold,

    I enjoyed getting to know you at the Lung Cancer Advocacy Summit in Chicago.

    I am sorry for the loss of your father. The blog you wrote honoring him touched my heart. Your respect and love for him is beautifully demonstrated in your eloquent words. I just watched the video posted on your blog from Dec 15, 2007. I believe Jacob Abraham Dash is quite proud of his son.

    Jerrold, as we discussed, I plan to contact WSSU. I also have a favor to request of you. I would like to include a photo of you in the multimedia presentation for lung cancer awareness. May I have your permission to do so?

    Dusty Donaldson
    336.885.5577 h
    336.302.7714 c


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