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Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike and Tina are comin'

We made it through soccer practice today and I even played a little goalie and got some running in with the team. I didn't cough up any crud today but I can feel the stuff in my chest and hear it in my breath.

We made it through one period at the TCU / Rice soccer game, next time we will have to get there early so the girls can go out on the field and kick goals against the TCU mascot.

I am worried about these heat / water bumps I seem to get when I am outside running; I don't know if these bumps are due to all the different meds that I take or if it is due to the sunblock I am using; I will have to conduct some test to try and get to the root cause of what is causing these bumps to appear.
Picture of my arm, with the bumps present.

Blood work in the morning.

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