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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Picture Post, guess who got stuck w/ camera duty

Stop talking to strangers, you have alot of family in N.C. but she is not our cousin

Circus pictures, a daddy daughters date night.
Let me finish your hair, or you can wear it like that be natural, free, independent
First day of school, I was not allowed to do their hair for some strange reason

I am a Princess.... That is fine you better stay away from boys today, tomorrow, the next day, remember daddy is sick but not to sick to set it off, STAY AWAY FROM BOYS
First Day of school, parting is such sweet sorrow
I think I can
I know I can
FREEDOM, I can ride by myself no more hurting daddy's back riding on the sidewalk. One down one more to go, I think we will start Ravyn off on two wheels early.

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