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Friday, September 05, 2008

Raw, early reaction to Stand Up To Cancer

Did not get to watch the whole show I think I missed the first 20 minutes because we were late getting from soccer practice today. I plan to be more active and participate more in the extra curricular activities we sign the girls up for.

My early reaction and initial impression about the show is a positive one but, I do have a but; so I have some positive comments and a negative comment too.
It is a start, this show, this movement raises awareness, funds, and motivates many tired individual stakeholders letting them (us) know that we are not standing alone. Many of the treatment we must endure weakens us so to have some one else standing beside us spotting us is great, cancer is something we all have to work to get rid of. I hope this is just the beginning with more attention on this health epidemic to come. Thanks to the network(s), medical community, scientific community, monetary donors, survivors, family, friends...... let's wipe out cancer one patient at a time.

I did not hear alot about lung cancer, is that old stigma still getting in the way? It was implied by one of the famous folks manning the phone that implied lung cancer is caused by smokers. Anybody and everybody can get lung cancer.

Bedtime for me I am tired and have been coughing up some pretty big clots from my lungs this week.

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  1. What do you mean coughing up some big clots? That sounds so scary. I continue to pray for you.


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