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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Soccer Saturday after the Friday night fights

I almost set it off in Target while shopping for the girls new bathroom ensemble; some young punk (cuss word) were smoking a cigar in the store (hey buddy the store is smoke free), my wife got a little embarrassed b/c I was the one out of all the shoppers in the store (also buying) ensembles that told the kids to put it out or leave the store young punk......You can smoke outside away from the store; the law allows for that. The doctors put me on more meds the other day, hormone pills mixed w/ steroids I really don’t think I need the hormone pills (still counteracting the chemo from 2 years ago) as you can tell from the previous paragraph I am all right, mean, hostile and still subscribing to the philosophy that sometimes for principal you have to kick some (fill in the blank)

No bumps on my arm today at practice, I think the bumps were the result of the sun block, just long sleeve shirts were worn to soccer practice today.

Saw the pulmonary docs today that prescribed the CPAP, they weren’t happy with my lack of using the mask. They told me I would die without it, got me scared (not) news flash I am going to die (one day) anyway. I will try to do better about wearing the mask.

Double header in soccer today, I hope Raegan doesn’t get too tired, 2 hours of running.

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