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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Uneventful weeks, are good

It was another uneventful week, I still have not gotten the results back from my lab work on Saturday, so the UT Swtrn folk can expect a call or two on Monday (so can the lab). Will be spending time with the pulmonary sleep docs on Friday who I am sure will try a little pshycology 101 to get me to use the fighter sleep mask (psychology 101 won't work on me I took the class TWICE, ) It is hard to use the mask since I have been so congested for several week

Soccer tomorrow I am looking forward to Practice (Practice I am talking 'bout practice), I will also go without sunblock to see if I can reproduce the white bumps that I have noticed on several occasions appearing on my arms; I wonder if my sunblock is to heavy 60 SPF,

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  1. I've only just started following your blog. Did your little white spots itch a lot? I get them from too much sun, which these days is any. When my husband started using sunscreen many years ago, though, he got the spots from the sunscreen. He's careful now about how much he uses.
    I hope I don't have to have started with the jock's constitution that you and Lance had to beat ovarian cancer. You guys are an inspiration.


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