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Friday, October 24, 2008

Another TGIF

I need to be in two places right now I really need to be hanging out on the block at WSSU’s homcomin’ with my old teammate telling lies, eating, and clowning folks until they start crying. I also need to be at Stanford University Medical Center right now for the 40th annual transplant reunion (to so the neighsayers that were against cancer transplant that performing the transplant was the right call).

Today is the last soccer practice and I am not sorry to see the season end, it has been a long season; Raegan is getting better now we have to get ready for basketball and spring soccer and possibly track and field in the early Summer.

I bought the tickets for boo at the zoo, I should be stronger and have more stamina this year, I plan to walk R3 into the ground (my feet don't hurt so bad anymore)

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