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Friday, October 31, 2008

Eatin' good in the Neighborhood

The girls really racked up this Halloween, it was there first time really trick or treating; so I walked the on a short tour of the neighborhood on our first trip out (Rhonda stayed and handed out candy). The first trip was not enough to wear them out (I guess at this point they I was on a sugar high) so we went out on our second trip the extended tour of the neighborhood this trip yielded more candy but it also broke their will to search for new prey (aka candy, candy, candy). They were so tired I had to carry Ravyn's candy bucket up to each door, then she would take it to put in candy then hand it back to me so we could move on to the next house. I ended up carry Ravyn home and toting both candy buckets too. It was a good walk though I think most of the IV contrast is out of my system now, walked alot and drunk too much water.

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