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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dogs at the track

Dogs mans best friend, but a true enemy to transplant, cancer patients because of all the germs they are so willing to share. Don't get me wrong growing up we always had a dog until our last dog (Bruno) went on to roam greener pastures, I do miss Bruno he wasn't the brightest dog on the block but he was very big and loyal to the end. I digress.

The family and I went out to get in some cardio at the local Jr. high track, the girls riding their bikes, me walking/jogging/jumpin' rope, mom COORDINATING our activities / YELLING / shouting encouragement. A long story short after about half an hour or so of riding the girls wanted to join me on the track (in a gated area so I let them in); at the same time a lady pulled up with her three very large, and friendly labs to play and exercise inside of the fenced track. The girls started screaming when the dogs came near so I quickly got them out of the gate and cut my workout short. The lady wanted the girls to meet the dogs and was looking to me to set an example but I AIN'T GOIN' BACK TO THE SPA so I DIDN'T pet DA POOCHES , I hope I did not offend her as I did not explain my medical history or my pet no pooch rational, I don't feel I need to explain everything to everyone, The girls did pet the dogs so that was ok. I have heard Raegan explain to one of her soccer teammates that my daddy is allergic to dogs so tell your daddy to keep your dog away from my daddy.

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