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Friday, October 03, 2008

Show cancer some love, everything is not pink only

Random thoughts from an over prescribed mind..... take these ramblings with a grain of salt and a spoon of Castor Oil or Cod liver oil if you like.

Breast Cancer has an almost endless supply of funds and seems to flood the market with easily identifiable objects that flood the market and make people think pink, and fight for a cure for breast cancer. I can't even watch football without having to fight for a cure. Can we as a society put some effort toward the other cancers that take more lives than breast cancer ever will, stop letting the people that suffer from cancers other than breast cancer suffer in silence because of lack of fund for new researchers to cure them and stop forcing them to hide ashamed of the stigmas their cancer may carry with it (true or not).

Running Shoes: I got some new running shoes the other day and some new walking shoes, they are big size 13 wide, and size 14 respectfully..... you know what they say about guys with big feet.... uh they have big shoes of course, what else. Anyway these new shoes do make my feet feel good, as my feet are still numb and swollen (neuropathy).

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  1. Jerrold,
    I reached your blog through a link on the National Lung Cancer Partnership site. I totally empathize w/what you are saying about pink and breast cancer awareness. I think we both agree we want breast cancer to be cured and for people to be aware of what they need to do regarding early detection. But lung cancer gets the shaft, big time. I realized this the most when my dad was diagnosed and I was looking for some supportive resources - something that was working toward a cure but in the meantime offered education, advocacy, supportive serivces and HOPE...something like the Komen foundation, but for lung cancer! See, everything is pink because of one woman who started the Komen foundation when her sister died. I realized that if the resource I was looking for didn't exist, I needed to create it. I started the William Jacobsen Lung Cancer Foundation. It is now incorporated and I will work to make it the "go to" place for lung cancer patients and their support crews.
    My heart goes out to you and your family - keep fighting - we need living advocates!


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