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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gave Blood

Well they took my blood today, I let them use my left hand pretty soon I might start letting the phlebotomist (they need a nickname lets call them blood sucking leeches No that is what I call bean counters tax folks lets call the Medical Vampires (Vamps for short) ; I had orders from the transplant docs. and the endocrinologist. I also am rescheduling my CT that is scheduled for 10/31 to Harris SW rather than UT Southwestern (flash back to 10/31/06 my emergency CT scans) I am worried about switching facilities for my CT because each machine scans differently.

I am not technically challenged so I am making arrangements to go pick up another degree, back to SMU I will either pick up a Master in Software Engineering or a Masters in Security Engineering (I really want to do the Security Engineering it will take me back to my roots when I took off my football helmet and hung out with the rest of the CS majors in Data Structures class hacking away in the good ol' days of ftp Internet surfing..... I technically remanence).

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