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Monday, March 02, 2009

Got my news

Well it seems that Jack the spot is Jackass the cancer nodule. The initial biopsy results are in now more lab test are needed to determine what kind of carcinoma we are dealing with this time. Jackass will be dealt with as we have dealt with the previous cancer, in the most aggressive way possible, so I am having the surgeons go ahead and start the process of scheduling a wedge resection.

By the way I like this surgeon, he delivered the info to me by phone after I called and left the message that I was canceling my appointment this coming Thursday if there weren't any results in yet. To drive 100+ miles round trip to just sit in an office, have my vitals taken and talk about possible scenarios would be an inefficient use of all our time. He knows that I have been in this rodeo before and cancer and pending surgeries won't buck me. BTW elephant taste best with ketchup.


  1. You're in my prayers! This surgeon sounds like he's going to kick jackass's butt! I'm here to cheer him on!

  2. All fingers and paws crossed for you. You're my hero!

  3. Jerrold,
    You have constantly been in our thoughts and prayers. We eagerly wait to hear the news of your successful surgery and that Jackass has been stomped out at last. You teach your children much with your courage and perseverance.

  4. Hey Jerrold -- I'll be saying my prayers once again. I'm confident that the Big Guy Upstairs (I bet you don't find that name in the Bible) can take care of Jack! :-) We'll just watch it happen!


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