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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Uh it's Thursday

Busy Busy Busy day.....

I had to drop yet another class as I was attempting to get my 4th Masters.... through this whole round of medical stuff SMU Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering has been very understanding and accommodating throughout all of this. I did have a hard time doing the right thing in this situation (dropping the class) makes me feel like I am quiting.

If dropping the class was not enough I really really feel bad that I let Ravyn down today. As I was getting the girls ready for school this morning I told her that I would come and watch her at dance class today. When I picked her up she reminded me several times that I didn't come to dance class today. I had a scheduling conflict due to the war on lung cancer, I was being interviewed by the New York Times which will help break the stigma and raise awareness about lung cancer, but I sure do feel bad about missing dance class (very rarely do I get a chance to go to Ravyn's dance class). I have already promised to attend next weeks class but I already see a conflict there too, I have all day doctors visits in Dallas.

Soccer practice was good Ravyn is becoming more independent and comfortable being in a new environment.


  1. Jerrold,
    Your blog is such an inspiration to me and you have not blogged in such a long time. I check it every day. Don't lose heart or hope. Keep fighting one bite at a time.


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