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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saturday one day out

I am one day out from the most painful medical procedure that I have ever undergone. YES this procedure was more painful than the actual lung transplant.

some random Spa pictures

see the arm pit to arm pit scar, chemo port scar, chestube scar(s), countless other scars

eat now!!!!


  1. Jerrold, I am so very sorry for the pain that you've endured. Please know that you are in my prayers. The scars will fade, and you'll be playing with your wife and girls in no time. I am so grateful that the procedure is over. Spring is on its way and with it I pray for blessings to come your way. Rest, rest, rest, great warrior Jerrold. with a big hug, Angie in South Carolina

  2. Yes, I can testify that the long between the ribs slice is no fun. Hang in there! When will you have biopsy details?

    Bud Baker

  3. Are you out? Well if you haven't walked yet, get up now and walk!!


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