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Saturday, March 14, 2009


My Spring Spa retreat lingers on. The chest-tubes are still in and still hurt.

Earlier this week while going to get a sonogram the sonogram person (I don’t know what you call them exactly) almost caused my tubes to be yanked out as she quickly and without any warning tried to lower my head. That crap (replace word if so desired) hurt like hell after about 30+ minutes of cussing I settled down let the procedure take place but come on you have to be kidding me is this how patients are treated everyday.?.?.? That was a story I told my ladies as they are here to visit with me and spend the night. The reason that I told this story to them (TWICE) was because Ravyn seems fascinated with my one remaining chest-tube (I got the other out just a little while ago) she wants to pull on it. Rhonda seems to want to trip over the IV cord hanging from my PICC Line and that is not good. I hope I survive their visit (with my health), like a young child with a pet they are going to love the life out of me.

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