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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Drugs....

Normal day, I just got the all clear from my nasal wash cultures so I don’t have any virus or there was nothing that showed up in the test that the transplant doctors performed on yesterday.

I visited an endocrinologist on yesterday to discuss some of the changes I felt needed to be addressed and to also look into the steroid diabetes most of us transplant patients get. He is of the opinion that many of the side effects that I discussed were due to the hard chemo that I received more than two years ago. It will take years to HOPEFULLY recover from that RAT POISION. I was given a new drug to counteract some of the effects that are going on, he said that the chemo messed up my hormones my response was “What chu talkin’ bout Willis, pouting) they want me to take a hormone med (Testosterone pill/ or shoot; I will take the pill for $200 Alex the shot is self given with a LARGE gauge needle and they hurt like HELL take my word for it)… I am now taking Testosterone and steroids and lifting weight (can you say angry man in the gym, but I have a doctor’s note so it is okay)

Still waiting for the results of my A1C test from Friday.

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