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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Your Fired???

Friday: didn't do much stayed alive, the girls went to daycare via the car the bike stayed in the garage today (until) I get in better shape. Had a physical today to finish off the final test to satisfy the annual transplant requirements that I didn't satisfy in April of this year. I like this doc. but he might get papers (i.e. fired) reflecting back on the visit I know I make doctors nervous due to my condition ..... but they didn't even take my temp. during the physical.... that is standard even on me. They did do some blood work so I will get to find out the results of my A1C soon (a 3 month snapshot of my blood sugar levels).

Saturday: Ran some sprints / maybe jogged about 10 100's, back pedaling 2 of them ran a few hills/ bumps in the earth (Texas is flat), some push-ups topped off the workout

Sunday: more running and soccer with the girls, Raegan (the oldest) is very competitive and quick tempered, Ravyn listens well and is stubborn.... excellent traits, I like

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