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Friday, August 08, 2008

They tried to KILL Me

8/8/08 is not all that lucky R cubed tried to kill me; I bought a couple of bikes on Craigslist to help get me back in shape faster, I also bought a little tikes trailer to pull the girls along. In short we looked like a hot mess the girls sitting in the back eating pop-tarts grinning, laughing, singing, and weighing me down. I was dog tired after riding the mile from the house to the daycare I just pushed them in the door and grabbed a handful of paper towels to dry my dripping sweat (keep in mind this was just before 8 AM so it was still cool outside, relatively cool for Texas). On the way back I was like the little (out of shape) engine that could, I kept saying I think I can I think I can so I wouldn't stop, if I stopped pedaling I would have just laid in the grass somewhere for an hour or so. I finally got home and feel out Rhonda was home and had water, a towel, and a wet sponge waiting on me (is this the Tour De France????) it took me two hours to recover my legs were gone (like Jell-O

Going to visit the sleep doctors and tell them I hate the CPAP and I want a different mask and some more options beside the mask.

My blood work was a disaster as I was outside of the 12 hour limit between doses of one of my meds.

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