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Monday, August 04, 2008

The Spa treatment

At the Doctors again, the UT SouthWestern Spa. driving was murder drove to dallas w/ the AC off but my return trip will be wind aided (w/ AC) it should be cool today though only 105 compared to the 111 that my truck thermometer registered yesterday.

The oncology doctors gave me the all clear today based on my CT scans (with contrast) and my chest X-Rays. My lungs are all clear still (Note to transplant centers that denied taking on my case MY LUNGS ARE STILL CLEAR EDIT YOUR WHITE PAPERS I still carry a chip on my shoulder. My next CT will be in three months and the cancer side will have to battle with the transplant side regarding the use of contrast.

The transplant doctors were pleased with my progress my spirometry was off by 0.003 percent maybe it is because they took so much blood 8 tubes today out of my hand (my hands have less scar tissue than my arms)


  1. Congrats! Keep up the good work! Tell all those transplant centers what a success you are!
    Amy, Bo's friend

  2. Jerrold.
    I am a Stage 4 BAC patient currently seeing the doctors at St.Paul's about the feasibilty of a bi-lateral transplant. Your name was given to me by them as a person to talk to concerning this. Dr. DiMaeo there has really tried to scare me off. Dr. Rosenblatt told me they are now overseeing your case. I meet with him again on the 21st to find out whether the board has decided to accept my case. I know they have never accepted a BAC patient before but I think you are making them re-think their previous decisions.

    I am a 55 year old female who prior to this diagnosis was in extremely good health. I was diagnosed two years ago while I was still running 5 miles a day. I've been a jogger for 28 years. I am a patient at M.D. Anderson and have a wonderful doctor there. I will start a new clinical trial in about two weeks but my doctor would like me to get set up for the transplant so it can be an alternative if we need it--which we know I eventually will.
    I would like to talk to you sometime when it is not an intrusion. I follow your and Bo Johnson's blog daily. Bo has really kept me frightened. Know that I pray and am pulling for you both.

    Adrienne Marshall

  3. Hey Adrienne, I have been waiting for you to contact me, yes we do need to talk send me an e-mail the thing to note is that transplant can go really smoothly or you can have some major bumps in the road, Bo will get through his bumps just fine. Never be afraid to take a risk as that risk may allow you to grow old. send me an e-mail so I can provide more contact info.


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