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Saturday, August 16, 2008

School Shopin' shopin' shopin'..

Today was a lazy day school shopping, boy I tell you first time school parents be shoppin' be shoppin' shoppin' shoppin'....I am glad I kind of had a list my wife left with me or else Raegan might have been wearing the wrong colors that don't satisfy the school uniform colors. We got in a bunch of soccer today at the park, along with swinging and sliding too, and yes I DID NOT get stuck in the LITTLE tunnel slide this time.

Wanted to take the girls to the zoo but the fact that they didn't take a nap put that idea to rest, I am recovering but not stupid, I can't carry / drag both of them through the zoo they are too heavy combined and I would be out of breath

church tomorrow, I wonder if it would be okay for them to wear winter hat during service as I am still working on my hair doing skills, when my fat fingers don't get in the way

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